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Eleanor Ashley

Intuitive Naturopath + Herbalist

Ellie is a certified Naturopath, Herbalist,  and Nutritionist. She has also trained extensively in Energy healing ,Shamanism and Reiki.   Specialising in hormone health (PCOS, Endometriosis, menopause, acne) mens health, libido,  anxiety & depression, insomnia, auto-immune, fatigue, immune support and body nourishment. 

Ellie's journey to wholeness started over 10 years ago when she resigned from her corporate high stress mining job and started studying Herbalism and Naturopathy.. During this time through her own difficult awakening and deep inner work she realised that while helping people with Nutrition and lifestyle changes is so important to our health and wellbeing,  sometimes it can be even more crucial to address the underlying emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives to truly be able to make long term health changes.


Travelling across the world to work with plant medicine in different cultures and studying Shamanism in Australia for the last 7 years has opened a wider perspective on Mind, Body + Spirit medicine. Now combining Naturopathy, Plant medicine + Shamanic healing she is able to communicate intuitively with Plants and Guides that assist her with your individual needs. 

Ellie lives in Perth, Western Australia, however she is deeply connected to Western Australia having spent her early life in the regional town of Kalgoorlie.  

She is the Founder & Creator of Herb companies Lemuria Herb Co. and Mens Herb Co..


Casey Rowe

Website & Graphic Designer

Casey Rowe is the owner and founder of CR Web & Graphic Design recently launched in 2020. Originally from Esperance, Western Australia she is currently residing in Perth to complete her university degree, in education. She is passionate about creativity and making an idea come to life. Originally self-taught, she believes this is an asset as it allows her to understand what she is trying to achieve for her clients at a deeper level.
Learning on the job has brought about many challenges that she has had to overcome. Her completion of a social media marketing course with Social Media College has further developed her knowledge in this always evolving industry. She enjoys managing and educating her clients in order to bring their visual communication ideas together to promote and expand their businesses. 
CR Web & Graphic Design vision is to listen to our clients needs and to ensure their vision for their business' marketing is communicated thru their website and graphic design. 
Our mission is to assist small businesses to launch, grow and prosper thru the collaboration of website design, social media marketing and graphic design.

Jayde Guest

Jayde Guest Photography & Design

My yoga journey began in 2014 when I was supporting a friend that started teaching yoga classes. I have never looked back and I often thank her for helping me to begin my yoga journey. 

I started my career at 15 as a hairdresser and after years in the industry I decided to follow my passion for photography and started a small business. While being a stay at home mum to my two kids I studied graphic design and social media. 

I began working with Twilight Yoga Studio in April 2020 as their social media marketer and photographer. I love working with Melisa and really enjoy learning more about yoga and all the amazing benefits it has. 


Ali Hooper

Gourmet Master

A nurse since 17, Ali has always been interested in food, cooking and eating. Her cooking career began in 1985 in a 2 year overseas working holiday in Europe. Ali landed a job as a cleaner/kitchen hand at the fabulous Aigas Field Centre, in the Highlands of Scotland. The centre catered for wealthy middle aged Americans wanting a taste if the highlands. The season's cook turned out to be a drunk, so Ali swapped dishcloths for wooden spoons and her cooking career was launched.

The 90s brought 2 children and a small family BnB at the edge of the Stirling Ranges. Being so far from restaurants Ali offered an evening meal, fuelling her passion for exploring new recipes and her "need to feed!" The naughties saw a move to Esperance, with cooking taking a backseat to nursing. Her roles as Cancer Support Nurse and Lactation consultant has highlighted the importance of healthy eating and has reinforced Ali's interest in making healthy food taste fabulous. 

After attending the first Woody retreat, Ali talked Melisa into letting her help with the cooking and feels so incredibly lucky to combine her passions healthy cooking, yoga and our magnificent Woody Island.


Katie White

Caladenia Co.

Many of Katie's passions and loves are combined in the Woody Island Yoga retreat. As a botanist by training, artist focusing on the natural world, photographer and flautist musician, she will wear many diverse hats over the retreat, supporting the connection to the beautiful Woody Island nature during our yoga practice. Additionally, she has nurtured her own yoga journey since the young age of 10, after a disability limited her balance and mobility. She strongly believes in the importance of yoga for physical and mental health, and is excited to enhance the holistic benefits through sound, connection to place and celebration of the unique nature of Woody Island. 

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