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Lisa Alexander

Yoga Teacher

Lisa Alexander completed her Yoga Teacher training in 2015.  While working in a stressful corporate role in Perth, Lisa used to turn to Yoga and Meditation as a form of stress management and eventually she fell in love with Yoga and Meditation so much that she decided to quit her job and start teaching Yoga. Lisa and her family are from Perth, however they have travelled nationally for work and have lived in Victoria and South Australia. Lisa opened a Yoga Studio in South Australia and has since also established CAUR Yoga, which is an online Yoga Studio. CAUR (pronounced ‘core’) stands for ‘Come As U R’ and is the message behind Lisa’s Yoga teaching. When teaching, Lisa aims to encourage a relaxing environment, free from competition or the need for perfection, where people can feel at ease and free to be themselves.

Lisa has recently returned back to WA, with her husband, son and daughter, to be closer to family and are extremely glad to now call Esperance home. 

Lisa is qualified to offer Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healings. 

I’ve completed my Cacao Ceremony training through Anchoring the Light, with the Lineage of the 7 Rays. 



Evie Hooper

Online Pilates Teacher

I grew up in Esperance and when I finished high school I spent a year living in Canada on Rotary Youth Exchange. I then lived in Perth for four years to study at university. In 2015 I completed a Bachelor of Forensic Investigation but decided it wasn’t for me so in 2016 I completed a Diploma of Education (Primary) as teaching was always something I was passionate about. In 2017 I was offered a position at Boddington District High School and 2018 took me to Christmas Island.

My interest in Pilates began when I was living and teaching in Boddington. I often suffered from lower back pain and when I first started doing Pilates there were many exercises that I could not do. I began attending regular classes and after a few weeks felt a huge change, both mentally and physically and my back pain was greatly reduced. It was clear how important strengthening core muscles were and I decided over the summer school holidays that I was going to enrol in teacher training to become a Pilates instructor. I studied through Studio Pilates online and completed the Anatomy course and Matwork Pilates course in Perth in March 2018. 

I have always been passionate about health and fitness and grew up playing netball, basketball, tennis and squash in Esperance. In 2018 I lived and worked as a primary school teacher on Christmas Island and began teaching Pilates twice a week at the Christmas Island Recreation Centre. Since completing the Pilates Matwork Course I have gained additional qualifications including Pilates using a small ball and foam roller, that I hope to incorporate into my classes at Twilight Yoga Studio in 2019. 

This year I am teaching at Condingup Primary School and I am lucky enough to be teaching two Pilates classes per week at Twilight Yoga Studio. 


Jo Carter

Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher

I am a hatha yoga teacher and have been blessed to train under the guidance of my beloved yoga teacher Graeme Hodges as well as many others.  My meditation training was also inspired by Buddhist teacher Alan Wallace. I have also been blessed with studying under Mahayana Buddhist Geshe, Tenzin Tenphil.  What fortunate karma. The most incredible gift has been through guidance on the path of the ancient wisdom traditions.  Over many years I have developed a passion for encouraging others to train the mind and develop ways to enhance global consciousness, compassion and loving kindness. I have also had a keen interest in psychology and ethics through social justice perspectives as a social worker. An awakened presence is the greatest gift to cultivate every day for both ourselves and others.  Hope to see you at a class soon.


Jolene Lavrick 

Life Lessons Australia 

I have a passion for emotional wellbeing and social skills.  I have always wanted children to be kind to each other and to have confidence in themselves. I understand that children make mistakes and, at times, they need to learn how to be kind to others.  I am patient with kids and I believe we must show unconditional respect and forgiveness.

My three year old daughter, Dawn, asked me the other day “You don’t love me when I’m being a mean girl, do you?” and I said “Yes, I love you even when you are being mean.” Then she asked “…but you love me more when I’m being a nice girl, don’t you?” and I said “I love you just the same whatever you do but sometimes I don’t like what you are doing.” I apply the same policy when teaching other people’s children. WE MAY NOT LIKE WHAT A CHILD DOES AT TIMES BUT WE STILL LIKE THE CHILD!

Check out her Website for more information for upcoming events in Esperance at Twilight Yoga Studio!



Nicole Lloyd 

Sound Birth 

My name is Nicole Lloyd and I LOVE sharing quality sound with people!

Whether you want to learn how to use sound during childbirth, Motherhood or at your yoga class; or want to facilitate relaxing sound journeys for individuals or groups; or want a bowl and to learn how to integrate it into your life; I can support you on your journey into the sound world!

How I got here?  I have an extensive background in music (BMus); a life-long interest in sound and music therapy; 10 years experience in working with the crystal singing bowls and other cool sound tools; I have been home educating my four daughters in a “student centred” way which I now use when training people how to facilitate sound; I have a love of empowering women to birth their babies into the world as gently as possible; I love relaxing groups of people with sound and teaching other sound lovers how to do that too!




Senaja Breathworks

Senaja is an international Breathwork Practitioner gifted in holding loving, tender and expansive space. She shares her talents with groups and individuals to journey on the wings of their breath. Trained in Alchemy of Breath with Anthony Abbagnano, who elegantly held Senaja to complete this jigsaw puzzle of breath and step confidently into facilitation. Also Clarity of Breath with Deva Dana Devi and Ashana Solaris, who provided the therapeutic foundation. Further in Biodynimic Breathwork and Trauma Release with Giten Tonkov and Chetana Barkan, who enlightened Senaja in Anatomy, Physiology, Understanding Trauma and the Reichain Character Structure, as well as hands on practice for releasing bodily trauma by working with the bands of tension and somatic experiencing. Senaja continues to explore the adventure and potential of conscious breathwork through a vast array of mediums to continually expand her capacity to hold space for her breathers. She also brings other awareness to creating space for you: 20 years of Light Work with the Modern Mystic; Shankari the Alchemist, who is also a trained with the founders of rebirthing. Through this long relationship Senaja was further introduced to the unseen real and became adept in consciously weaving natural energies for the greater good of all within sacred ceremony and sound. Concurrently she commenced the practice of The 5 Tibetans. This is a series of moving asanas (Yoga postures) which she combined with conscious breath promoting the union of my mind and body. Later she studied with Ramtha the Enlightened One who taught her a vigorous and retained breath meditation. This discipline for expansion and awareness, achieved by marrying breath, consciousness and energy helped Senaja start to ground the conscious understanding of her knowing through experiences in neuroscience and quantum physics. In her Journey through life Senaja has also studied at Curtin University and achieved a BA in Communications and Cultural Studies giving her a broad understanding of the human condition. Much earlier in her life, Senaja studied Sacred Silence with Garry Sammer, who trained with Tom Brown The Tracker who was Stalking Wolf’s apprentice. Sacred Silence was formed by Stalking Wolf’s investigations into various ancient traditions; such as Chinese, Indian and Anglican, finding the common blue print, he arrived at a disciplined focused practice to empower a single breath capable of bridging worlds and realities. “It is my destiny and passion to explore the magic of Breath, through deep dives into self, meeting my inner wisdom and cultivating true loving wholeness. I am embodying this work as well as sharing it with the world.” Senaja. Senaja is delighted to share breath with many people across the planet. She currently lives between Perth, Australia and Bali.