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Melisa Rowe

Founder / Studio Manager

My yoga journey began six years ago when running, netball and triathlons were no longer appealing. Yoga was something I could see myself enjoying into my later years and I began embracing the physical and mental guidance I was seeking from Yoga .

Melisa Rowe Yoga was created upon completing my yoga teacher training in December 2016. Having completed my Vinyasa 200hr YTT in Sanur, Bali at the Power of Now Oasis (PONO) I couldn’t wait to begin teaching. After hopping from venue to venue for the first 6 months I felt the need to create my own space to call home. Within a two week period Twilight Yoga Studio was created and opened for its first classes n the 1st July 2017.

During the past four years as a yoga teacher, I’ve continued to further my yoga teacher training & experience completing further studies in YIN yoga, Chair Yoga, Hot Yoga, Cosmic Kids Teacher Training.

Nicole Tamlin

Kundalini Teacher

My journey with yoga began as a small child when my dear Aunt introduced me to Hatha yoga. As an 8 year old you would find me in my bedroom doing shoulder stands forward bends anything that made me flexible. I was always searching and felt a deep connection to something higher than myself but what that was I wasn’t totally sure.

It was in 2011 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer that I knew that my soul connection had been lost and I slowly started searching for my true  happiness.

I was lucky enough to go to Ubud , in Bali with two lovely friends where I went to my first kundalini yoga class. A lady dressed in all white wearing a turban. With no judgement I joined in and to this day have not regretted a thing . This practice long a cannon ball to my soul , filled my heart and my soul connection Returned. I left smiling connected and happy. I practiced everyday for 4 years then on my 5 th year took on on the challenge to do the teacher training for mr to grow even more as a person. Travelling 7 months to Perth I found my tribe and there I was guiding to that soul experience of my own true path in life I had returned to my own true happiness and am now ready to share this amazing technology Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

So if you want to shine your light in life and find your own true connection Kundalini yoga will guide you to your true potential of happiness and help you live in your own consciousness of now. It gives you a connection to your third eye the pituitary gland and gives expansiveness into trusting the universe.

May you be the driver of your own vessel and live live your  birth right of happiness.

Blessing to all 


Abbie Jones

Yoga/Pilates Teacher

My movement evolution has matched my personal evolution, beginning as an Elite Athlete through my teens and early adulthood, and studying Human Movement and Exercise Science to pursue my passion for all things Movement and Health. After working in HR and Workers Comp Rehabilitation I started my own country based Personal Training and Lifestyle Consulting business, working in and around Esperance.

After having three children and taking a break from working, I was drawn to Pilates after years of running and cross-training. This was a natural progression after the challenges of motherhood and a desire to reconsider what the best way to move and live was. Contemporary Pilates training with the inspiring Art of Motion team introduced me to a whole new world, one where the body was moved with intelligence and awareness, all while integrating the breath.

My personal Yoga practice had already begun, mainly in a home practice of my own, driven by a niggle that it was just what I needed! An overactive mind and a realisation that despite a fulfilling outer world, my inner world was not in good shape. Over the course of a few years of personal practice and a deepened yoga experience I knew that I wanted to keep learning about Yoga, growing and evolving in myself and share these life changing practices with others. I completed my 350 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tamara Graham from Tamara Yoga over 2 years in 2016 & 2017.

I have been so fortunate to share these practices with my friends and students over the past 5 years, running my own space in 2019, working in cooperative at Esperance Wellness Centre in 2017 & 2018, and working from other locations prior to that.

I continue to learn and grow with my students, which makes me a teacher that is real, compassionate and embraces humour and not taking ourselves to seriously on the yoga mat! I meet my students where they are at, from where I am at, which is always changing. But my core message is one of using these practices to come home to yourself. Your truest self.

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